A theatrical play


An intimate and radically honest examination of sex and power from a queer perspective.

"The History of Sexuality is a story anthology carrying the voices of a few real, queer lives, reverberating off the walls and hitting us so we understand.” - CKUT Radio

“Derrière le plaisir ludique de l’exercice, porté par de talentueux interprètes, se cache une réalité plus sensible et troublante." - Journal Métro

Sexuality is always wrapped up in structures and systems of power. The History of Sexuality, written by Dane Stewart, is an original two-act play exploring queer identities and queer communities in Montreal. The play is based off a series of interviews organized with queer Montrealers and uses verbatim theatre storytelling techniques.

Five students take a graduate seminar studying the work of revolutionary philosopher Michel Foucault. As they argue over issues of sexuality, gender, oppression and free will, these theories begin to rupture and spill out into their own lives. The characters expose the complexities of sexuality as it collides with kink, BDSM, disability, gender, race, and sex work.

The History of Sexuality had its World Premiere at MainLine Theatre in September 2017. It was later renewed for an additional production at Montreal's Place des Arts as a part of Fierté Montréal Pride in August 2018.

Fierté Montréal Pride - Place des Arts - August 2018


Playwright/Director/Producer: Dane Stewart

Stage Manager/Assistant Director: Michelle Soicher

Tech. Director/Sound & Lighting Designer: Michael Tonus

Set & Props Designer: Holly Hilts

Costume Designer: Kayleigh Choiniere 

Graphics: Clara Legault

Stage Photos: Nadia Zheng Photography


Alissa: Kayleigh Choiniere

Craig: Trevor Barrette

Darr: Darragh Mondoux

Gayle: Melissa Toussaint

John/Man: David Hudon

Madeleine: Jazmin Illidge

Marie: Renée Hodgins

Martin/Fenn: Oliver Price

Talia: Katharine King

Fictionalized Verbatim Theatre


A method for creating

Read about the process for creating The History of Sexuality including the 10 Steps for creating Fictionalized Verbatim Theatre.

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 The creation of this work was made possible thanks to the financial support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.